End of School Year Party!

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After an exhausting year in the classroom, teachers and students alike  look forward to a rewarding end of the year. This explains the amount of end-of-year parties that take place almost in every school across the country. In their turn, my students insisted that we have one.

Although I’m not a party person, I found myself inclined to say yes to my students’ request. “These students have 9 other teachers and they chose YOU to have the party with even though English is not as important as Arabic, French or Math. They must love you.” I told myself. Therefore, I attended their party and I enjoyed it to the fullest.

I know all of my students come from very disadvantaged backgrounds. So, the first eye-catching thing about this party was the efforts that the students exerted in the making of the event. Unlike other classes, this particular class brought a really good quality cake that was baked especially for this occasion, they even had the name of their class on it. SCORE!Cake

This party, as humble as it was, made me see things I never saw in my students, and it made them see things they never saw in their teacher. We laughed, danced, sang, told jokes and anecdotes. The students mocked some teachers at our school and I mocked some of them (students). We all bursted out of laughter at the funny stuff we had to share.

Students singing and using bottles as instruments!

After all of the fun we had, there was no escape from facing the ugly and sad moment of moment of  saying goodbye. Being a sensitive person, I tend to hate goodbyes as I can’t handle them and this might be the reason why I hate getting attached to people. However, we sometimes can’t choose whether or not to get attached to people. Sometimes, we have to get attached because it’s no longer a matter of choice. We just HAVE TO, and these relationships we build with people are the most difficult to end. This was a very emotional moment for all of us. I made them line up, got them to be quiet in my teacher-like tone, and started a small speech, I turned around the moment I felt I could no longer contain my tears, but my squeaky voice  gave it away. Then, with a familiar, inquisitive voice one of my students asked: “Are you crying, teacher?” I faced them to find that they were all about to cry, too. So, I collected myself and told them how much I loved them and they just turned around me and started chanting: “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!…”

I love my students ❤


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