Balcon Atlantico, Larache

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Café/restaurant Les Artistes, Rabat.

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Les Artistes is a small but beautiful space in Rabat where you can enjoy food, photography and painting at the same time.

Arbaoua’s Hill

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Arbaoua's hill

This is one of the most beautiful hills near our village.

Arbaoua’s Summer

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A view from my village, Arbaoua, during the summer time. IMG_1868

Ifrane’s Forest

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Beautiful forest surrounding the beautiful city of Ifrane in the Atlas mountains, Morocco.

I took this picture while taking a family trip. (Oct, 2013)

Asilah Beach

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Asilah beach o a Ramadan day. Empty, clean and refreshing
Asilah beach in a Ramadan day; empty, clean and refreshing

Ramadan didn’t make me back down. I went to this beautiful beach where I enjoyed a refreshing swim without let in a single drop of water! Cool me 😀


Class Photo

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3/1’s class photo during the end of school year party. 

I’ll miss them all!